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Quick Link Family / Party Game By Foxmind

Quick Link Family / Party Game By Foxmind


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By FoxMind
  • Quick Link is a fast-paced and exciting party game for the whole family!
  • Players use a squeaky suction cup that sticks to snap so you will be able to rapidly grab cards that are logically related and to earn points.
  • When an opponent makes a questionable link, squeak your stick to call them out!
  • Exciting Gameplay - Once a reference card has been flipped, it's a race to see which player can grab the most cards.
  • Act fast & prepare to defend your choices! You will have to convince other members of the validity of your choices.
  • Make your arguments extra strong! If you will not be convincing enough, players can vote against your cards by squeaking with the stick, & you will lose points!

  • Quick Link is a game that develops verbal reasoning and teaches conflict resolution in a fun and exciting way. You learn to debate and master your persuasion skills, improve your reaction and quick thinking abilities.
  • This fast-paced word-game helps kids develop hand-eye coordination, understand the difference between nouns & adjectives, improve the ability to think quickly & enhance their reasoning skills.
  • Develops: Speed, English Vocabulary, Social interaction skills, Fine Motor Skills and Logical thinking skills 
Players 2-4
9.9 x 8 x 2.5 inches
Age 7+


What's inside the box

  • 50 Object cards
  • 50 Attribute cards
  • Squeaky-Sticks
  • Game rules

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