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DOHDLES! Sculpting, Guessing and Laughing Family and party Game

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What is that?! Sculpting, Guessing and Laughing Family Game.

Fun for the entire family with Dohdles! This family game lets you mould your ideas in play dough, and then have others guess what it is. Included is a set of instructions, dough, board and lots of fun. For countless hours of family fun this kids game is a great purchase. The Hilarious game of sculpting guessing and laughing.

Dohdles are riddles made from dough! Exercise your brain and imagination with this hilarious and artistic sculpting guessing game for families and parties of 3-6 players. Sculpture the approximate shape of an object or living thing with the included modeling clay.

You don’t have to be a skilled sculptor or an artist: You should make your Dohdle in a way that your opponents will not be able to recognize it right away what it is supposed to be. Even if you never made any sculpting, you’ll be able to make a Dohdle that has the shape of a hot dog, a ball, a mailbox… or any other thing! You will receive points during the game if you guess correctly the exact word that your opponent’s Dohdle made.

You will also get points if your Dohdle solution is neither too easy or too difficult for your opponents to guess— ideally solved after 4 rounds of guessing. During your turn, you can alternately ask 2 yes or no questions or ask for a First letter of the word to be revealed to help identify other player’s Dohdle.

You should throw your guessing cube in the sorting funnel, At any time, when you think you can identify a Dohdle.

The player cube that emerges first will be the first to guess.

Points from correct guesses take you forward around the game board, and the player who makes it first around the board wins!

The special clay will not dry out or harden and can be used again and again.


Age 10+
Players 3-6
Product Dimensions (Inches) 11.6 x 11.6 x 2.8
Length Of Play 60 Minutes
Country of Origin Germany
Sku  696163


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