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Educational Kid Toys Online

Toys that teach problem solving skills help young children learn the best through play. There are many educational toys for infants to choose from, and the following 5 are toys that encourage kids and children to think independently, identify problems and search for the correct answers.

CitiBlocs Construction Toys


CitiBlocs construction toys are one of the most common educational toys today. Similar to legos, this classic building blocks are made of precision-cut pine wood, but sometimes plastics. CitiBlocs toys are appropriate for kids of virtually any age from toddlers to grown-ups. Kids can follow a pre-configured plan which is included in the toys box and puzzle up the pieces. They are required to strategize, setup a plan and follow the map to achieve a goal and build the final product.

Playing Citiblocs are extremely cool when looking to teach children to build something that is fun and unique. Buy online now from a thousands of Citiblocs choices.

Fraction Action Boards

Fraction Action Boards games are all about sorting the right figures, finding the proper items and putting them along the board to complete a whole unique shape. The reason why fraction action boards are so good for problem solving skills is that they introduce different shapes and understanding of shapes into play.

From circles to octagons and squares, Fraction Action Board games are extremely fun and cool to play. Each shape and form comes in an exceedingly whole piece, 2-piece fractions and three-piece fractions. By removing all the pieces from the play board and mixing them together, kids can follow the path to solving the puzzle whereas sorting and putting together the fractions to make the full shapes.

Creative Building Blocks

Creative building blocs are made to spike up imagination. The blocks are divided to sets, either rectangular or square, and they come in all colors, patterns and drawings. These toys are helping children and kids to improve logical thinking and problem solving by combining the drawings and colors into wonders that harmonizes the pieces together. When played, children and kids find that each time they mix the pieces together and start anew, they find a new strategy to construct endless of patterns.


What a better way to spend time with family and kids when forming puzzles. Puzzles challenge the kids minds, enabling them to think, and to bring a picture to life. A great way to improve problem solving is to start with small puzzles of 10 piece, and upgrade over time to 100, 500 and 1000. Getting into more and more complicated puzzles helps children and kids to build cognitive and reasoning skills, ultimately to better education in other games and boards that develop overtime into adulthood.

Magnetic Make a Shape Puzzles

Magnets are an attraction that even kids and children cannot resist. Placing a magnet close to another magnet is a fun game. Yet combining it with Magnetic Make a Shape Puzzles and Boards, and kids can create wonders unlike any other. Make up a bunny or a cat by attaching circle shapes onto squares and triangles. The skill of building a figure from pure imagination is incredible for problem solving, creativity and thought.

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