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About Our Great Toys Store!

Welcome to Bloxx Toys !

Bloxx Toys is a Canadian Vancouver Online Toys Store Located in Vancouver and Great Vancouver area serving all British Columbia and Canada as well, for Lego like Building Blocks, Kids Board Games, Puzzles, Arts & Crafts, Magnetic and 3D Puzzles and much more...

We carry a great variety of toys that will positively contribute to the development of your child and will help to enlarge and enhance all Early Childhood Developmental Skills:
  • Educational Toys that will help your children to play and learn at the same time.
  • Wood and Eco-friendly Toys that are made only from the best and nontoxic materials.
  • Construction Building Sets that are crucial the child's developing Cognitive thinking and Fine Motor and Social skills. 
  • Educational Games that will teach your child about Math, Literacy, Chemistry, Robotics and much more very interesting subjects.
  • Puzzles that will help your child to develop their Physical, Cognitive and Emotional skills.
  • Books that help your children to develop Communication, Social and Presentation
  • Crafts and many different kinds of hot and hard to find Toys!

The best part of online shopping and buying toys and games online is that it is more accessible, less time consuming and cheaper than going into a mall, retailer or physical toy store in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary or any other city (especially when you have active kids to take care of). Bloxx Toys is an online toy and game store that offers a variety of high-end and quality toys unlike anything available on the Canadian Market. Pick the toy and game of your choice, without having to have your kids pick it (or them) for them.

Our goal  is to provide parents and kids with the best long life development toys, construction sets, games, puzzles and creative playthings. We are available for all of Canada to enjoy our great selection and service.

Toys are the first tools for children to use when they explore, study and develop! Bloxx Toys have an uncompromising approach for making every moment a learning moment! Bloxx Toys strives to bring the best quality products from around the world to our Canadian customers to enjoy. We work hard to pick only the best hard to find toys, we try to support the Local Canadian Market as much as possible when we pick our toys, and we use recycled materials to pack and ship our orders. 

Toys should help children grow“It’s important to distinguish between entertainment and growth. For Bloxx Toys, the toys are not about entertaining or pacify children. A successful toy is able to stimulate child’s imagination and be part of the child’s growth through play – even at different ages.  It should be possible to use toys at different levels as the child grows.”

      As our customer you can expect:

    • A 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products
    • Superior customer service
    • Clear and honest product descriptions
    • Prompt shipping
    • Safe, Superior quality and Eco friendly toys
    • Every week Sale! 
    Thank you for choosing Bloxx Toys Inc. Please Contact Us if you have any further questions.
    Bloxx Toys is not responsible for any typographical errors and reserves the right to correct any misprints.