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3D Puzzles

From 2 shapes to enormous-piece projects, find puzzles for every age and stage.

Great selection of adult and kids 3-D Puzzles Cars by 3D Puzzle and Unique 3D Figures Animals, Space ships, Cars and Buildings from Metal Earth.

If your child is bored with 2-dimensional puzzles, then a 3-D puzzle is the right toy for them. Assembling a car out of 3-dimensional puzzle pieces is a challenging but entertaining process for the school-aged- child. When assembled, the puzzling car can be taken apart or used to decorate their room. Buy a Mini Cooper, Ford Mustang or Audi R8 from Bloxxtoys.com now.

Modern and up to date puzzles are no longer 2D. Today, 3D puzzles are sold in many shapes and forms, helping children and kids to shape up a figure, whether it may be an airplane, a tank, a castle or a robot. 3D toys may not be the cheapest of toys, however, they bring the most fun for kids and children once they learn to build and figure out each puzzle. 3D puzzles can be made from wood or plastic. The best toys for kids start in 3D.