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If you’re the kind of person who has trouble coming up with toys gift ideas for young children there’s no need to worry, you are not alone. Toys Gifts for children from a few months old to well in their toddler years are quite difficult to find, as there is little selection of unique toys gift ideas out there. Thankfully, we’ve provided some ideas for those tricky birthday presents for your child. From action figures, dolls, puzzles and games or building blocks sets.

AS it is 2019 and we’ve entered the era of online shopping, we’ve made sure to select toys which you can find easily online, through our very own toy catalogue.

Toy Ideas for Children Under 12 Months

A great toy gift for an infant can be a bit of a hassle to select, as they must be safe and designed specifically with the newborn child in mind. Some unique gifts for those 1 year (and younger) old boys and girls are:

Plumpies by Douglas

The Baby toys line is full of original characters that speak child's language. Coordinated sets offer a variety of baby toys accessories as the perfect baby toys gift assemble.

Give your infant the stuffed animal you know they will treasure throughout their childhood.

Plumpies by Douglas are soft, cute and most of all are safe from birth. They come in a variety of animals shapes and can also be purchased in singing editions! These amazing plush toys make great presents for older children as well.

Lights and Music First Book by Yookidoo


This soft book set is one of the best learning toys for infants available, as it promotes head lifting, develops visual focus and strengthens head and shoulder muscles. The book lights up to encourage the infant to follow along with the story to the tune of different classical music.

Toy Ideas for 1-2 Year Olds

Not quite an infant but not quite a toddler, the time between 12 and 24 months is a critical stage in a child’s development. Walking, talking and playing develop while the child explores the world. A toy purchased for the birthday of a 1-year-old girl or boy should encourage this development. Similarly, the best toys for 2 year olds will allow the child to play naturally while learning. Below are some ideas:

First Puzzle - Animal Series by Crocodile Creek

This beautifully illustrated puzzle series is a wonderful gift for even a child who already has everything. Using this puzzle series, the toddler learns about animals by matching the animal to the habitat or food. This puzzle set encourages motor skills, memory and pattern recognition!

Stack Flap ‘n’ Tumble by Yookidoo

A load of fun stacking big colourful pieces and watching balls tumble through them! This set of blocks by Yookidoo will have the attention of any toddler. This toy makes for a great present for the active child as it will allow their imagination to go wild.

Toy Ideas for 3 Year Olds

The best gift ideas for 3 year olds are ones which will steer them away from the television and towards active play. For this reason, toys which encourage mobility and activity are the best to purchase. Some ideas which will surely be crowd pleasers are:

Uncle Goose Wooden Block Sets

Uncle goose wooden building blocks.png

A good old classic that everyone can remember having as a child. These blocks are perfect for the active 3-year-old boy or girl as they can be arranged into any formation and are imprinted with various symbols or alphabets, to further encourage learning of letters and numbers.

Janod Magnetic Box/Book Sets

Magnets inside a book? Yes, your toddler will have a blast arranging these magnets. These sets are perfect for any toddler. For the 3-year-old girl, the Princess Magnetibook or the Crazy Face Clown set. As for the 3-year-old boy, the Dinosaur or Vehicles set will definitely be a hit.

Junior Bucket Building Blocks Set 10 in 1 by Clics

Clics are coloured plastic building blocks that clipse together.

The very young will begin with building games exploitation Clics Junior Bucket - ten Constructions - a fun thanks to develop kinetic talents, thinking, imagination and creative thinking, with Clics fabricated from soft material specially designed for little kids. completely different figures that may please your kid is created. The bucket contains a hundred and twenty Junior Clics, thirty eight accessories, stickers and directions for creating ten models. for kids aged 3 and higher than.

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