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Top 10 Toys on Fire for Children (That Can Be Bought Online)

Top 10 Toy Choices for Children (That Can Be Bought Online)

With kids these days being so stuck in their electronics, it can be difficult to think of any kind of toy to buy them on any occasion. Instead of buying them a new video game or video game system, here are some creative solutions from one of Canada’s premier online toy stores. These hot toys are not only educational, quality assured and fun, they are also available for purchase online with ease.
1. Mosaic by PlayMais:
For ages 3 and up
    Educational-Toys-online-MOSAIC_DREAM_PRINCESS-by PlayMais
    Offered in a wide variety of patterns, Mosaic by PlayMais allows your child to create 3-dimensional images out of small building blocks. Each set has a different theme and features cards with thematic patterns which will help your child’s imagination expand. These cute building blocks are safe for ages 3 and up and recommended for children of pre-school ages. Bloxxtoys as a variety of Mosaic sets available for purchase for only $15.90. 

    2. Fun Mechanics Kits by 4m:
    For ages 8 and up

      Build your own robots! Bloxxtoys offers 3 different robot building kits; Insectoid, Doodling Robot and Brush Robot. The kits include all mechanical parts and instructions on how to assemble the robots. For the science interested girl or boy, this is the perfect toy, as it is educational and a lot of fun to build.

      1-2-3 Build It Car, Plane and Boat By Learning Resources
      For ages 3 and up

      Build 3 different modes of transportation an airplane, a tugboat or a car. Following directions, problem-solving, parts to whole relationships, fine motor skills, critical thinking. Your budding engineer will love using these mix & match pieces while developing skills like problem-solving, parts to whole relationships, fine motor skills, critical thinking, and sequential thought. The set's driver figure doubles as a play screwdriver, which kids use to put the large durable pieces where they go.
      For ages 3 and up
      wooden-building blocks-by_Uncle_Goose_Language
      Uncle Goose’s wooden block sets are childhood classics with multiple patterned varieties which will help your toddler and pre-schooler learn shapes, numbers and letters. Buy online now at

      5. Stuffed toy animal and Plush Toys
      For all ages

      Unsure about toys for newborns? Plush toys are cute, soft, easy to hold and guaranteed safe for all ages. These plushies will be your baby's favourite toy for a long time to come. 
      Cuddle up with high quality, soft, stuffed and fluffy toys that each of your kids and children will love and adore for many years to come. From a happy horse dinosaur to cute dog toys and rabbits, Bloxx Toys offers the best and most quality toys available in Canada. Pick your toy and we will ship nice and fluffy.

      6. 3-D Puzzle Cars by 3D Puzzle.
      For ages 8+
      3-D Puzzle Cars-by-3D-Puzzles-_car_mini_cooper
      If your child is bored of 2 dimensional puzzles, then a 3-D puzzle is the right toy for them. Assembling a car out of 3 dimensional puzzle pieces is a challenging but entertaining process for the school aged- child. When assembled, the puzzle car can be taken apart or used to decorate their room. Buy a Mini Cooper, Ford Mustang or Audi R8 from Bloxxtoys now.

      7. Dohdles!-by Thames Kosmos:
      Recommended for ages 10+

      Fun for the entire family with Dohdles! This family game lets you mould your ideas in play dough, and then have others guess what it is. Included is a set of instructions, dough, board and lots of fun. For countless hours of family fun this kids game is a great purchase.

      8. Magnetic Books by Janod:
      For ages 3 and up.

      Magnetic books by Janod are designed to keep children busy while on the move. These sets come with a variety of magnets and are kept safe in a storage compartment while not in use. Simply open up the “book” and you have a perfect stage for playing with magnetic figures. Keep your kids entertained and allow them to develop their imagination. With themes from seasons, dress up, vehicles and clowns, these toys will delight any child. They can be found currently on sale for $24.99 at

      9. Legends of Andor by Thames Kosmos
      For ages 10 and up

      This cooperative adventure board game will pit a team of 2-4 players against invaders in a fantasy world. Fight dragons and other creatures and become heroes of Andor in your quest to save the realm. This fun fantasy game will be a hit with the entire family. Expansion packs are sold separately, base game priced at $89.90.

      10. BricTek Block Superpacks:
      For ages 4 and up.
      These massive block sets feature over 500 block pieces and are fully compatible with other leading brands. Your child will have fun building their dream city, police station, fire brigade or space shuttle. Combine sets for even more variability.

      All toys listed in this article are available for purchase from Bloxxtoys, one of Canada’s best online toy stores.

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