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PlayMais®- A box full of creativity.

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What is PlayMais?

PlayMais® is a natural, versatile craft material for children, which is 100% biodegradable and therefore harmless to the environment. It is made from maize, water and food colouring.

Playmais biodegradable versatile craft material.

  • PlayMais® sticks together with a tiny dab of water
  • PlayMais® can be shaped easily with the fingers
  • PlayMais® helps develop fine motor skills
  • PlayMais® encourages creative thinking
  • PlayMais® aids your childs creative development
  • PlayMais® is educational
  • PlayMais® is a natural product and is environmentally friendly
  • PlayMais® is easy and fun

Contrary to many toys currently in the marketplace, all development and production of PlayMais®takes place in Germany. Furthermore the environmental sustainability of PlayMais® is not just a theory. It truly sets new standards for intelligent stewardship of the available resources of our planet!

What Can I do with PlayMais?

PlayMais®, can do it all! You can reshape, squeeze, cut, roll and rip it, and much more: PlayMais® offers endless modelling opportunities! PlayMais stick to each other, and to many different types of surfaces, simply by making them moist with a little water - no glue required.

You can click the following pictures to see how these models were made step by step.

PlayMais® - natural and meaningful learning games


Development of social skills:

  • Since PlayMais® is ideal for use with large groups of children, it supports the development of social behavior in groups.
  • PlayMais® natural play method strengthens the ability to problem solve.
  • The simple playing and crafting of PlayMais® ensures rapid success for every child’s experiences.

Physical Development:

  • The transition from two dimensional to three-dimensional creativity occurs rapidly, once children start interacting with PlayMais®.
  • Development of colour recognition and ability to think and adapt all the time.
  • Improve the perception of how form and shape work.
  • Improves touch and dexterity by the development of motor skills.

Educational development:

  • With PlayMais® children will be introduced with guidance in a playful way to letters and numbers.
  • PlayMais® is loved by children, as it allows them to quickly and easily produce impressive models!
  • PlayMais® encourages focused play, therefore helping to develop a child's attention.
  • Development of creativity


 Schmetterling Kuh   Krokodil Traktor
Palme Prinz Tiger   Prinzessin

Free decoration cards

As a template for crafting with PlayMais® - the decoration cards will be open in a new window as a PDF file.

Baum     Geburtstagstorte     Giraffe     Maus und Katze     Roboter     Schmetterling

MOSAIC decoration cards

PlayMais® Crafting Book


This book contains information on the amount of necessary PlayMais®, a colour suggestion and many pictograms that show the recommended approach step by step.

Open PDF document for printing* (File size: 54 MB)

(* For Saving the file click with your right
mouse button and choose "Save as" or similar)



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