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Online Toy Shopping - toys for kids online toy store.

Save your Time and money! Buy Toys Online!

Online Toy Shopping - toys for kids online toy store.

The best part of online shopping and buying toys and games online is that it is much more accessible, less time consuming and cheaper than going into a mall, retailer or physical toy store in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or any other city (especially when you have active kids to take care of). Bloxx Toys is an online toy and game store that offers a variety of high-end and quality toys unlike anything available on the Canadian Market. Pick the toy and game of your choice, without having to have your kids pick it (or them) for them.

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    And much more…

    The variety is virtually endless, with constant updates of new and more advanced games and toys that kids love and adore. With Bloxx toys, kids and children are always on top of their game.

    Arts & Crafts

    From sticky glowing Mosaics collections to crafting materials made completely from corn, water and editable colors, our selection for arts and crafts is full of wonders. Kids and children love these kind of games because they open imagination as well as cognitive powers. Arts and crafts games are a great way to end the day before kids go to bed because it requires a lot of energy for the kids to accomplish a unique puzzle on their own.

    Building Blocks

    If you want to inspire your kids to become builders, engineers and even real astronauts, start with building blocks toys and games. Building blocks are a great way to have your kids take part in playing while also thinking and using their cognitive powers to increase intelligence and wisdom. Because building blocks are one of the best and most popular choice of toys and games in online shopping, we have a huge variety for both boys and girls.

    Brain Teasers

    If you’re looking for unique and cool toys online, check out some of our brain teasing toys and games in our collection. From Doodling Robot toys, to Design and Drill games, to Ferris Wheel Magnets and magnetic books, the choice is virtually unlimited. Brain Teaser toys are great learning toys for toddlers and preschoolers. Spike up creativity! Whether for boys or girls, buying toys online with Bloxx Toys is a brand new experience.

    Décor & Painting

    A new born is coming and you’re looking to decorate the room. Bloxx Toys offers a great selection for items and objects that will help you decorate your room and match the paint to whether it is white, pink or blue. Wooden letters, lights and a variety of magnets for walls and closets, decorate to the best of your abilities because later, you’ll need to give your new born all the attention in the world.

    Educational Toys

    Spike up imagination and cognitive powers of your kids and children. Educational toys are by far the most asked and requested toys bought online today. Whether you’re looking to teach your kids a new language, or help them build and develop mathematics or a skill, educational toys are a great way to do it in a fun and productive way. Puzzle up your way to the best of toys, and see what best matches your kids and children.

    Unique Kids and Children Games

    Card games, objects and magnet books are a great way to spend time with family and friends, evolving every one onto an adventure full of imagination and wonder. Each game is unique with a story line unlike any other. If you’re looking for something super fun and cool, Bloxx Toys offers a great selection of unique story line games and toys that help children grow and learn.

    Magnetic Sets and Puzzles 

    Open the door to imagination with magnetic blocks and puzzles that are extremely unique and fun to play. Kids will enjoy an impressive selection of magnetic toys and puzzles from brand names that are long known to bring the best for many years. For those birthday gifts and Christmas present ideas, Bloxx Toys offers a huge selection of games and toys that both boys and girls love and enjoy.

    Plush Toys

    Cuddle up with a high quality, soft, stuffed and fluffy toy that each of your kids and children will love and adore for many years to come. From a happy horse dinosaur to cute dog toys and rabbits, Bloxx Toys offers the best and most quality toys available in Canada. Baby toys, Toddler toys, Kids toys and Children toys, our online store has it all. Pick your toy and we will ship nice and fluffy.

    3D Puzzles 

    Modern and up to date puzzles are no longer 2D. Today, 3D puzzles are sold in many shapes and forms, helping children and kids to shape up a figure, whether it may be an airplane, a tank, castle or robot. 3D toys may not be the cheapest of toys, however they bring the most fun for kids and children once they learn to build and figure out each puzzle. 3D puzzles can be made from wood or plastic. The best toys for kids start in 3D.

    Picture Puzzles

    Puzzle toys are a great way to start learning from an early age. From 10 piece to 100, 200, 500 and a 1000, picture puzzles are not only fun to unravel, but they can be glued together and framed for a beautiful collection that will last for centuries to come. Picture puzzles are wonderful toys for kids as well as grown ups. Bloxx Toys has a variety to pick, such as space puzzles, nature puzzles, animals and more.

     Build a Robot 

    Geared mainly for boys, building a robot is the coolest experience a kid can have. Bloxx Toys offers a huge sale and discount on robot toys in our online store as they are very popular, well demanded and played by kids and children in Canada. Robot toys can be manually played or electronically with flashes and lights in which batteries may be needed. From robots, to trains, to famous cartoon and TV show characters, Bloxx Toys is a great choice for an online store when it comes to buying robot toys.

    Science Toys 

    Similar to educational toys for infants, kids and children, science toys encourage the ability to explore by learning while playing. Science toys are great for preschool and buying kids toys online brings a much broader variety of toys that can match science subjects both generally and specifically. Becoming a scientist or an engineer has never been so easy. Pick the science toy of your choice and create that lab your children and kids always wanted.

    Wooden Toys 

    Being the top and foremost environmentally friendly toys, wooden toys are great to handle as they are extremely safe and fun to play with. Their texture is less slippery and it enables kids to build virtually anything they desire. Wooden toys unlike plastic emit no chemicals. In case of any allergies, wooden toys are the best choice for kids and children today.

    Water and Splash works 

    Bring your toys to the bathtub or even outdoors in which can get fun and messy at the same time. Bloxx Toys has a variety of choices for water toys and games that spike both imagination as well as physical energy. Water toys are great for toddlers and babies because they love to splash and run around in puddles all day long. Submerge in the world of water.

    If you’re looking to buy brand new toys online in which will save you time and energy, check out our full catalog with a bunch of toys that your kids will love and adore. We provide shipping across Ontario and Canada. Our online store is open 24/7 and we would love to answer to any of your inquiries.

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