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Douglas Plush Toys

Plush & Stuffed Soft Friends for Little Ones

Douglas plush toys are soft and all about the cuddle. They create some of the most adorable & well-loved stuffed animals on the earth. Their beautiful baby line of soft toys is a newborn favourite!

Machine washable materials with embroidered details and chewy 100% silicone are all hallmarks of the brand. Stop by soon and find Baby’s new best friend!

All are safe for newborns.

Starlight Musical Animals

Turn bedtime into a fun and fairyland adventure with these lovable Starlight Musical stuffed animals!

With a touch of a button, they play magical soft melodies & display a starry night sky on the ceiling turning the sleep time to a magical adventure!

Baby safe embroidered accents on the face add to these soft toys a special and safe charm.


Battery operated, these sweet stuffy friends can travel with you anywhere. Features include:

  • Master On/Off switch and battery pack in the tummy
  • Independent On/Off buttons for music & lights
  • Auto shut off after 5 minutes
  • Baby-safe embroidered details

Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included.

Available in Panda, Sloth, and Unicorn


Sshlumpies Blankie Toy!

Join for a romp and a snuggle with baby's first cuddly friend! Sshlumpies feature sweetly embroidered details, soft fabrics, and silky furs.
Sshlumpies Heads are stuffed and their bodies are not! Under-stuffed and ultra-soft, our Sshlumpies can be laid out flat for Baby to lie-on or can be squished up for cuddling. Use it as a blankie or as a toy!



Litle Snugglers


Every baby needs a favourite plushy friend that can go everywhere. Little Snugglers are up to the task! These velvety soft toy plush friends are 13 inches square blankies, with a friendly head & arms in the center & satin edging that gives the baby a different texture to explore. Machine washable with embroidered details great toy!

Available in : Fox, Unicorn, Mermaid, Grey Elephant, Sloth & Panda.



Little Sshlumpies Teethers


Take your favourite Sshlumpie and shrink it, then give it a lovely nubby 100% silicone teething ring. The result is a wonderful friend for baby! These plush and floppy friends are about 10” long, and perfect at soothing little gums. Machine washable.

Available in: Elephant, Puppy, Princess, Mermaid, Panda, and Unicorn




Playtivity Blankies


Keep the little fingers busy with those soft adorable 6" blankies that have embroidered designs & appliques for baby to explore.
Two crinkly tabs on the edges and the teether corner will be a delight. It even has a clip to attach it to the stroller! Machine washable.

Available in  Fox, Elephant, and Puppy

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