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BRICTEK® Imagine, Build and Play !

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BRICTEK® building blocks  is a new company that developed high quality construction toys fully compatible with other leading brands like Lego® and Mega Blocks®. 

BRICTEK® launched in 2012, shortly after Lego's® patent for its classic building blocks expired. They jumped into the market, manufacturing blocks with a similar look to Lego® but with a much lower price tags .

Brictek Building Sets

Now Days BRICTEK® offers a  big variety of Building Sets for boys and girls aged 4 years and  up. 

The BRICTEK® line includes some very popular accessories that lots of builders really appreciate like the 800 pieces Super Pack which does not include any instructions in order to stimulate the imagination of the young builders. Various sets of wheels, Doors and Windows and Base plates are also available to complement any sets and come with free figurines as a bonus.

Radio Controlled Car BricTek  Imagine by BricTek Brictek Construction Sets
BricTek Android Series

  BRICTEK® offers a lot of great lines like:

and much much more. You can view the full collection of Bricktek building blocks here.


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