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These Wonderful Blocks from Uncle Goose!

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These Wonderful Blocks from Uncle Goose! They come in such a huge variety of patterns and styles and cover literally every aspect !

From Language Blocks in ( English | Arabic | ChineseDanishDutchFrenchGermanGreek |HebrewPolishRussian | SpanishSwedish | Hindi ItalianJapaneseKoreanNorwegianPersian (Farsi) | Portuguese ) 20 + Languages ...

 Chinese Language Blocks - each block includes pictures, English and Pinyin words, simplified characters, a side that shows how to write the character, and a side that is part of a puzzle map of China, Every block is a high quality hand made block.


Hand made with Love and dedication to every detail.

Baby blocks, hieroglyphics, nursery rhymes, puzzles and even braille

Like I said – They are simply fantastic and they have covered literally every base!

The blocks don’t just come in a huge variety of patterns and styles they are all top quality toys for your little ones to learn from, stack and play with. Each and every block set is hand crafted – that’s right hand crafted – by Uncle Goose, each and every detail and they are so detailed!!

The blocks are stunning, they are something that every child should have in their home. To get yours or view the full collection (yes, there is even more styles!!) click here.


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